SplashMini Babybel FAQs

Mini Babybel® cheese. We know you've got questions. And you know we've got answers. Let's be in the know together.

It’s easy, just enter your ZIP code in the Mini Babybel Locator. If there are no stores carrying our products in your area (gasp!), we recommend a letter-writing campaign to the Dairy or Store Manager of your local grocer. Get family, friends, neighbors and coworkers to participate.

Please note, currently Walmart and Sam’s Club stores do not participate in our store locator, although they may carry our products.

Sorry, but we do not sell or ship directly to consumers. Just enter your ZIP code in the Mini Babybel Locator to see store locations near you.

You can find all the ingredients and nutritional info about our yummy products right here.

Yes, our cheese is made with 100% real cow’s milk.

Yes, we conform to the legal pasteurization requirements of the USDA and the FDA.

Mini Babybel® cheese should be refrigerated at all times when not being consumed. We advise that when serving guests, cheese is safe unrefrigerated for 2-4 hours, and remaining cheese, if there is any, can then be safely returned to the fridge.

We recommend enjoying our products by the date on the package.

Mini Babybel® cheese should be eaten right after you peel off the wax coating. That way air won’t dry out the cheese.

Please do not freeze Mini Babybel® cheese as it will affect the quality.

No, our products are not kosher.

Yes, Mini Babybel® cheese is great for vegetarian diets.

No rennet of animal origin is used in our products. We use a microbial enzyme to make our cheese.

During the production process of Mini Babybel, we don’t use peanuts, tree nuts, egg, wheat, fish, or shellfish.

Most products sold in the United States are made in our Kentucky and South Dakota plants. We also import some products from France.

The wax meets FDA requirements for food-safe wax. We do not recommend eating it.

If our FAQs didn’t answer your question, please contact us.