SplashSnack Attacks

Only a big cheese like Mini Babybel® can rescue your family from a snack attack! And he has some pretty tasty friends too. (Hello, strawberries!) Are these the greatest snack ideas in the history of snacking? Yes. Yes, they are.
Gouda Cheese Wrapped in Turkey

Gouda To Eat-ah

I often hang with VIPs like prosciutto. Don’t I look fab in this selfie? I'm kind of a big deal.
Fruit Salad with Honeydew, Strawberry & Cheese

Honey Dew it Again Salad

There’s nothing like getting fresh ‘n fruity at lunchtime. The mint, the me, the fruit…we belong together.
Fruit and Cheese Skewer Recipe

Take a Stab at Cheese & Fruit

Serve this skewer to anyone you want to impress. But don’t blame me if they ask for seconds in seconds.
Gouda, Pear & Turkey Snack Recipe

Goudah Done Bettah

How good does my Gouda taste with pear and smoked turkey? Guess you'll have to find out for yourself!
Hawaiian Rollup Snack

Hawaiian Rollups

Break out your ukulele and sway to every juicy bite. The ham! The pineapple! The me! I think I'm in love.
Mini Caprese Salad Skewer Recipe

Mini-Caprese Salad

Mamma mia, this salad's big Italian flavor is almost as huge as I am!
Toss Salad with Cheese Recipe

Toss-it Together Salad

I'll admit I like to ham it up for my fans, but only if you’ll admit this salad tastes as delicious as it looks.
Fig Jam & Cheese Toast Recipe

Babybel & Fig Jam On Brioche Toast

I FIGured you'd be interested in figgy, cheesy, crunchy goodness. #cheesejoke
Pepperoni & Sharp Cheddar Snack

Pepperoni Cucumber Delight

Spicy AND cool as a cucumber? Yeah, this sounds like a recipe for me.
Veggie Sticks & Cheese

We Stick Together

Here I go again making something ordinary into something great. Where oh where do I find the time?
Pretzels, Cheese & Basil Snack

Pretzels & Basil & Cheese… Oh My!

Think outside the bag with this one! Pretzels, fresh basil and little ol' me... and by "little" I mean "HUGE!"
Mozzarella with Italian Peppers Recipe

Italian Cheesy Peppers

Three's a crowd? More like these three ingredients (including the best cheese in the business) will draw a crowd.
Berries and Cheese Snack

Berry Cheesy

Fresh fruit and I are best buds, especially in the summer! Also in the spring and fall. Okay actually, we're delicious together year-round!