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Snack time, lunch time or anytime, our 100% natural cheese is always a bite-sized, big-taste hit! Enjoy all seven Mini Babybel® varieties. And just try to pick a favorite!
Bag of Mini Babybel Original Cheese


Mild, creamy and delicious, our Original goes with this, that and everything else! This 100% natural cheese is a good source of calcium and protein and always hits the spot at lunchtime, snack time and beyond.
Bag of Mini Babybel Light Cheese


With 50% less fat than Mini Babybel Original, Light is also unlimited on great taste. Because less fat doesn’t have to mean less enjoyment!
Bag of Mini Babybel Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella Style

Mild, creamy Mozzarella style is perfectly bite-sized to become your family’s new favorite.
Bag of Mini Babybel Gouda Cheese


Real milk and lots of love make up the creamy, nutty flavor of Gouda. Not just for sophisticated palates, kids enjoy it too!
Bag of Mini Babybel White Cheddar Variety Cheese

White Cheddar Variety

Unwrap big, 100% natural cheese taste with this delicious White Cheddar variety. A hint of sharp and a bundle of creamy fun are sure to please the whole family.
Bag of Mini Babybel Sharp Original Cheese

Sharp Original

Introduce your family to the mild and flavorful Sharp Original cheese. It’s a natural cheese snack or lunch favorite that packs 5 grams of protein perfection in every bite-sized package.
Bag of Mini Babybel Cheddar Variety Cheese

Cheddar Variety

This perfectly portable Cheddar variety is great in salads and sandwiches or as a snack all by its red wax-wrapped self.